Mason Proud Mason Innovation and Research Mason Graduates Mason Connections Mason Outreach

Mason Proud

College Colors Day group photo with President Cabrera, The Patriot, Mason Cheerleaders, Masonettes, students, faculty and staff.

Mason Innovation and Research

Students working in a Krasnow Institute molecular neuroanatomy lab, one of the many examples of Mason innovation and research in action.

Mason Graduates

Mason students come from all 50 states and more than 130 countries, and nearly two-thirds of the 140,000 Mason alumni live and work in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Mason Connections

President Ángel Cabrera tours Fairfax Campus with students who participate in the Class Council Association and Student Government.

Mason Outreach

Dr. Ángel Cabrera meets with faculty, staff and students of the School of Public Policy at the Arlington Campus.

Welcome From President Cabrera

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On August 17, 2012, the Board of Visitors adopted a resolution that charged me with the creation of a new Strategic Vision for the University in collaboration with the faculty and key internal and external stakeholders. The new Vision will be the basis for a new academic strategic plan and a new comprehensive campaign. During our board meeting last week, I shared with the board the process we will follow to produce this Vision and the structure of the outcome I plan to bring for their consideration (and, hopefully, their enthusiastic endorsement!). Here are the highlights.

In terms of outcome, I envision a short, one-page document that will include (a) a concise and memorable mission statement, (b) a set of values describing “The Mason Way” of doing things, (c) a profile of the attributes we wish to see in all our graduates and therefore have embedded in every one of our programs, which we’re referring to as “The Mason Graduate”, and (d) a set of aspirational and inspirational commitments for the next decade. Click here to read more.