Online and Executive Education

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Members of the Online and Executive Education Working Group:

  • Roy Hinton, Chair – Associate Dean, Executive Programs, School of Management
  • Peggy Agouris – Professor/Chair/Associate Director, Geography and Geoinformation Science
  • Peggy Brouse – Associate Professor/Director, Systems Engineering & Operations
  • Kevin Clark – Professor, Graduate School of Education, College of Education & Human Development
  • Nada Dabbagh – Professor, Instructional Technology, College of Education & Human Development
  • Kathleen deLaski -Visitor, Board of Visitors
  • Kimberly Dennis – Visitor, Board of Visitors
  • Liza Durant – Assistant Professor/Associate Chair, Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering
  • Jeremy Mayer – Associate Professor/Director, Masters of Public Policy
  • Goodlett McDaniel – Associate Provost, Distance Education
  • Hua Min – Assistant Professor, College of Health & Human Services
  • Janet Niblock – Executive Director, Office of Continued & Professional Education
  • Sharon Pitt – Executive Director, Division of Instructional Technology
  • Kelly Schrum – Education Project Director/Associate Professor, Higher Education/Roy Rosenzweig Center for History & New Media
  • Samantha Wettasinghe – Student, Information Technology/Representative, Student Government

Content Experts for the Online and Executive Education Working Group:

  • Tina Adams, Distance Education Librarian, University Libraries