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Members of the Research Working Group:

  • Vikas Chandhoke, Chair – Dean, College of Science
  • Leonard Annetta – Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Education & Human Development
  • Buddy Beck, Visitor, Board of Visitors
  • Elizabeth Brock – Associate Vice President/Controller, Fiscal Services
  • Catherine Gallagher – Director, Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy/Associate Professor, Criminology, Law & Society
  • Mhehvish Khan – Graduate Student, Education
  • Chloe Kingsley-Burt – Student, Communication/Representative, Student Government
  • Michael Laskofski – Associate Vice President, Research Operations
  • Cynthia Lum – Associate Professor, Criminology, Law & Society/Deputy Director, Center for Evidence-Based Crime
  • Stephen Nash – Senior Associate Dean, Volgeneau School of Engineering
  • Raja Parasuraman – Professor, Psychology
  • Kathy Richards – University Professor, Assistant Dean, PhD Program, College of Health and Human Services
  • Roger Stough – Vice President, Research & Economic Development
  • James Witte – Professor, Sociology & Anthropology/Director, Center for Social Science Research

Content Experts for the Research Working Group:

  • Beth Roszkowski – Head, Arlington Campus Library, University Libraries