The Mason Vision

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The Mason Vision

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A university for the world

Our Foundation: Freedom and Learning

What kind of university shall we become to best respond to the evolving needs of our students, Virginia, our nation, and the rest of the world? What kind of university will allow us to provide better education to more people throughout their lives, to help our community thrive economically, socially, and culturally, and to help find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges?

The visioning process reaffirmed our commitment to Freedom and Learning, foundational concepts that are incorporated into the Mason Seal and now formally adopted as our motto. Also, the process reinforced and expanded on our core institutional characteristics that have served us well in the past and that will continue to serve us well in the future: the Mason idea. The Mason idea is that Mason at its core is innovative, diverse, entrepreneurial, and accessible. This Mason idea, which describes our unique institutional strengths, reminds us that we are committed to be a university for the world, drawn together to work across cultures, bringing new perspectives and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and preparing our students to navigate in it.

Learn More About the Mason Vision

Mason idea—represents our unique institutional characteristics—some of the words are ones we have heard before but their meanings have been powerfully reframed, enriched to capture the strength of who we are.

Our Mission—describes who we are and why we do what we do.

Our Values—captures our guiding principles for how we work with each other or values that we rely on when we are at our best.

Our Graduates—provides the foundational work to identify those characteristics we hope all of our graduates will possess.

Our Commitments—drives our attention, innovations and investments.